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us music festivals

Music festivals are a great way to experience life in a completely different way.

If your idea of a music festival includes jamming out with The Killers over a dozen musicians playing their hearts out, you aren’t going to find any high points in Spring.

However, spring may be just as good as summer when it comes to music concerts, providing more upbeat bills and cooler temperatures. Here’s a look at some of the top music festivals to hit between late March and early May, and some of my favorite acts to watch when you get there.

First, we’ll cover some of my personal favorite US music festivals.

My first encounter with Bonnaroo, though, occurred at the 2021 Gathering of the West in Las Vegas. I had never been to Las Vegas before and when I stumbled upon the free jazz bar inside the coliseum, I was blown away by the energy of the crowd and the talent of the local artists. The next night, I saw the same band perform at the same spot again, but this time in front of a sold out crowd of about 80,000 people. My interest was sparked.

Now, for my second Music Festival, the Tivoli Gardens Music and Arts Festival. This festival is a great place for families to bring the children for some quality workshops and educational experiences. My daughter’s first music festival was at her favorite playground right down the street from the Tivoli Gardens. She still visits that playground as an adult. My son’s band, The Mountain goats, has been performing there since their inception.

Dreamscape festival is my third favorite live music campout. It’s full of all sorts of activities and tons of bass heavy music, like Bassnectar. If you’re ever in Maryland in April, be sure to check out the party.

These are only three Music Festivals that I have been to in recent memory. My daughter still calls me Mike “Papa” whenever she is in town. I have also attended several national music festivals. As a matter of fact, I just returned from one in New York, one that I had hoped would become a major event. While I can say that most of these music festivals were not as cool as those in Las Vegas, I can also say that they were probably more memorable to me than any other event I have attended.

If my definition of a great music festival is this: It’s a place where I can enjoy some mind-blowing performances by some of my favorite bands while meeting and interacting with some of my most beloved music lovers. Then, after the shows are over, I can relax and enjoy my time with my family. In my mind, this is what a music festival is all about. These are the events that make me excited for my family and friends.

A lot of my friends and family go to Las Vegas, New York and Miami, Florida to see some of their favorite acts in action. They seem to have a much easier time getting tickets to these festivals compared to going to our neighboring US Music Fest in Colorado Springs. I really think these US music festivals are more for music lovers who can travel cheaply to a great venue. I have been to some major festivals in the past, but my dream is to one day see all of them in just one weekend!

I truly believe that the world of us music festivals is growing. I also believe that eventually, there will be more of these festivals outside the United States. If you have been to a us festival in the past, I encourage you to travel to another one – if not, I suggest you keep on coming back to see some of your favorite artists.

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