New Lounge & Art Gallery Unveiled for Dreamscape

In the past two years Dreamers visited the Zendo Lounge which was located in the pavilion near the lake to find solace and chill vibes.  Others found spiritual healing through our yoga programs, guided meditations and other activities.  It’s time to turn the page to the next chapter in the evolution of this lounge.  The primary focus will be spirituality and chill vibes but will also function as a center for art and activities.

Imagine the lounge fashioned according to the nine Muses of Greek Mythology, decorated to resemble ancient Greek ruins. Live painters will paint each of the muses to display.  Activities will be programmed based on each of Muse’s special talents such as stand-up comedy for the goddess of Comedy and flow seminars for the goddess of Dance.  Pillows and other comfortable places to sit will be positioned around the lounge while live artists paint & display their artwork to a selection of downtempo music and psychedelic chillout vibes.  Yoga and guided meditations will also be provided on a schedule, however everyone is encouraged to find their own peace at any time within the lounge.  So feel free to explore and find your balance in the Mt. Olympus Lounge.