Get A Sneak Peek at Dreamscape’s Live Artists!

As nature comes into full bloom after the dead of winter, we hold our annual Spring festival during this lively and energetic time; in celebration of the vivid and promising season, Dreamscape Festival breathes imagination and creativity for a weekend at Camp Ramblewood, MD. Each year we cultivate a unique set of artists that capture the vivaciousness of this festival. Our featured artists, each equally inspiring and eye-opening, embrace the fantasy elements to Dreamscape with their own personal touch.

Nate Mclellan, IllumiNate

Nate Mclellan utilizes his art to dissect contemporary society and find humor in a culture that can be bizarre. His quirky altered world is bold, colorful, and cartoonish, and expresses an infinite ability to conceive design.

Explore more of Nate’s eccentric work on Facebook and on his website.

Katy McManus (Pittsburgh PA), Owner of the Artistry Approach

Katy creates her abstract art across different mediums and concepts the purpose of practicing Inn Saei: creation from an internal source of expression and imagination that is boundless and ever-changing. Her work in surrealism fuses elements of outer space, nature, and figures that evoke inquisitiveness and curiosity.

View more of Katy McManus’s portfolio and pictures from her past events on her website.

Will Shanklin (Baltimore, MD)

Will Shanklin specializes in creating what he refers to as “vibrational art”. His techniques are based off allowing any shakes, tremors, and vibrations that occur naturally or though music to emerge and form texture and pattern in his work. The finished product is intensely complex and uniquely mesmerizing.

Gaze into Will’s spectacular work on his gallery.

John Shook (Pittsburgh, PA), Diverse Medium

John Shook’s other worldly creations feature methodical and intricate displays of geometric patterns, alien characteristics, and futuristic designs. His elaborate paintings are both mysterious and intriguing and capture a truly unconventional and peculiar thought process.

Travel to Jay’s far out worlds by viewing more of his content on his and by following him on Facebook.

Aaron Raybuck (Asheville, NC), A-Ray’s Higher Dimension

A-Ray’s vivid surreal paintings explore themes that crate fantastical landscapes which merge both nature and the supernatural. A-ray’s art formulates a hyper-reality that is both familiar and obscure while ultimately reflecting an elevated sense of consciousness which yields no boundaries.

Explore A-ray’s dreamy art on his gallery and stay up-to-date on his progress by joining his Higher Dimension group on Facebook.

Emily Cooper (Columbus, OH), COOPERart

Emily Cooper’s pieces, designed to be viewed under UV lighting, jump off the canvas creating a striking presence of vivid colors and ornate designs. Emily’s art is captivating and alluring and fashioned to illuminate the space around it.

Visit Emily’s Facebook page to get a closer look at her work.

Be sure to witness each of these artists and many more live at Dreamscape Festival 2017. R.S.V.P to the event here.

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