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June 1 thru 4, 2017
DreamscapeDarlington MD
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A Journey To Awakening
A Journey to Awakening is an invitation into inquiry, encouraging you to listen to your own heart and body. With the influence of Kripalu Yoga, this is a flowing opportunity to experience more joy and a greater sense of being alive. I invite you to move like never before and awaken to the sacred tremor that is you; all you need is a blanket, a mat, or just the sweet earth beneath your feet.
Dreamscape Festival is one of the only festivals that offers free camping that is located within immediate proximity of all of the stages. There is no fee to pitch a tent and ticketholders are welcome to stay until 3pm on the festival exit day. Just be sure to bring trash bags, re-usable items, and remember to leave no trace!
Daily Pool Parties
Pool parties set Dreamscape apart from other festivals, including our very own Nightmare. Where else do you get to experience fun in the sun while being able to catch headliner sets? The pool will be rocking as early as 11am each day and as late at 11pm at night.
Deep Fried Friday
Its everyone's favorites event! Swing through Domeunity and grab a deep fried oreo, twinkie, or PB&J and hang with us! Friday 4pm
Theme Camp
Welcome to your Domes away from home. We build it so you will come! I mean who doesn't love dome? The domes are open to all at all times. We build chill areas where people feel safe and comfortable. So stop by and say hi!
Drum Circle/Open Jam Sesh
Ring in the opening of Dreamscape jamming out! Bring your drum, guitar, ukele, flute, or whatever instrument you wish to bring. We will jam through the sunset.
Theme Camp
Fluorescent Dream Camp
The Fluorescent Dream Camp is an immersive, interactive, black lit theme camp that surrounds you on all sides with giant UV active dream catchers woven by Artist Christopher Peter Vanderessen. Come wearing plain white or black clothing and have them custom painted while you are wearing them.
Theme Camp
Glitter Grove
Come chill at the Glitter Garden and check out our DIY body-art stations. We have body paint, rhinestones, glitter and the tools you need to decorate you and your friends!
Glovers Unite!
Glovers UNITE! Come out and show us what you got and prepare yourselves to see gloving at a whole new level! Don't know what Gloving is? No problem, all are welcome to learn more about the style of dancing that we call gloving. So come out and experience what we Glovers call Melting face
Group Cabins
Group cabins are one of the best ways to experience the festival with your friends. Not only is there added privacy but you also have the luxury of sleeping on TempurPedic mattresses and enjoying private showers and bathrooms. The fee is just roughly a mere $25/person above what the general admission price is.
Live Painting
Come watch as artists bring their visions to life throughout the festival with visionary and psychedelic works of art. We've curated some of the most inspiring artists that we have found from various pockets of the nation.
Live Performers
Live action is created throughout the campgrounds & on each stage with performances hosted by the talented Electrocute troupe. Such performances include stilt walkers, sideshow routines, aerial acrobatics, mermaids, jugglers, choreographed theatre and more.
Mix, Blend, Scratch: A Story of a DJ
The art of djing has evolved throughout the years, mainly do to the advances in technology, but the fundamentals stay the same. Come join myself, AutoMorph, as we discuss the art of djing, the culture, and the techniques. Then, let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Powered by BadKat.
Obstacle Course
Get some play time in at the obstacle course located across the lake!
Olympus Lounge & Art Gallery
This lounge is fashioned according to the nine Muses of Greek Mythology, decorated to resemble ancient Greek ruins. Live painters will paint each of the muses. Activities will be programmed based on each of Muse's special talents such as stand-up comedy for the goddess of Comedy and flow seminars for the goddess of Dance. Pillows and other comfortable places to sit will be positioned around the lounge while live artists paint & display their artwork to a selection of downtempo music and psychedelic chillout vibes.
Theme Camp
Peace and Love Camp
Everyone is invited to the Peace and Love Camp! We wish to embody the spirt of Woodstock and keep PLUR alive. Come hangout, make kandi, make art, make music, play with your poi (or other flow toys). If you would like to create art for a cause, we will be selling a canvas and set of paint for $10. Your painting and money will be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Let's give back to the community and spread the peace and love!
Theme Camp
Single Ravers
SR camp is coming back , but this year with a different approach. Every year we focus on creating bonds and friendship, even love ! However, this festival we want to make a bigger impact !
The Lake
Take a moment to relax or join in conversations with friends next to the beautiful lake at the bottom of the hill past the Olympus Lounge.
Theme Nights
It's time to dress up! Be who you want to be with one of our themed nights: Throwback Thursday is where you pick a decade to dress up from. Fantasy Friday is fantasy or fairy tale themed outfits. Then we are bringing back Superhero Saturday.
Visionary Grounds
Dreamscape Festival has so many new attractions this year & we cannot wait for you to experience them! The latest & greatest is the installation of a new main stage called Visionary Grounds. This new stage is an open air stage located right in the middle of the main camping site with a standing capacity that is twice the size of the warehouse. This stage will host nearly 12 headliners daily with music running from noon to 11pm on Friday and Saturday. The visual set will be complete with decorations, video wall, cryogenics, and aerial acrobats hanging from the top of the stage.

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